"Church Let’s do it again  In 2018!"

FELLOWSHIP DINNERS (Last Sunday Each Month)

Pray, then Invite your friends and Family.

Let’s do our part to restore Family Worship.


Invite everyone you meet. Time is short and the Lord’s coming is at hand.

This Sunday: Chapel

 12:45 - Pre-Service Prayer


1:00 PM  - Worship in Song

Min. Carla Huston

Who Could Ever Stand

On you, My God, I will Wait

Speak the Word



 1:30 - Worship in Word    

Bishop Ronald K. Powell

THIS SUNDAY: Imitating Christ Humility (pt 2)

Giving you tools from the Word of God to help develop your Spiritual life.

"It would be our greatest Joy to see each of you in fellowship this Sunday."

"Higher , much higher in 2018!"